Information For Authors

Al-durar Arabic Research Journal is an International Journal for Arabic Linguistics & Literature Research. It is an Open Access Bi-Annual Peer Reviewed Print and Online Journal which has become an Academic Research Journal with an International Advisory Board representing various fields of research. This journal is launched to promote the study of general fields of Arabic Linguistics and Literature i.e. Morphology, Grammar, Rhetoric, Semantics, Phonology, Prosody, the Arab World, Poetry, Prose, Criticism, Comparative Literature, Religious Literature, Subcontinent Literature, and all other fields related to Arabic linguistics and literature.

Following are the guidelines for authors:

  • First page of the article should contain title of the research paper with English Transliteration, author (s) full name (Arabic & English), university or research center, designation etc. 16, font size and be in the middle.
  • Maximum number of authors per article is two.
  • An article should consist of 12 to 20 pages, including references and 150 to 200 words English Abstract with Keywords.
  • Research Contributions should be in MS Word. Font for Arabic is Traditional Arabic.
  • Font size for title, headings for Arabic is 18 Bold, and for sub-headings 16 Bold, however, main body of text is 16 and for references font size is 13.
  • The submission file is Microsoft Word and use single space.
  • Please make the page setting of your word processor to A4 format (8.27x 11.69 inches); with the margins: bottom 3 cm (1.18 in) and top 3 cm (1.18 in), left 3 cm (1.18 in) and right 2.5 cm (1.47 in).
  • References should be inserted as Endnotes and numbered consecutively and should follow the Chicago Manual Style.
  • The article sent for publication is without plagiarism. The author has to submit article along with similarity report and he/she will be legally responsible for any objection in this regard.
  • Al-durar Research Journal strictly follows Plagiarism Policy as per guidelines of HEC. The Similarity Report on Turnitin should be below 20 percent.
  • Articles that do not fulfill the instructions will be considered for publishing.
  • The elements of article writing research results are: (1). Title, (2). Author's Name, (3). Abstract (English) & Keywords, (4). Introduction, (5). Research Question, (6). Research Methods, (7). Results of Research, (8). Discussion, (9). Conclusions & Suggestions, (10). Bibliography.
  • Soft copy of the article must be emailed on following Emails: &